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Team Building’s Training for BPK PENABUR PLUS — at Grage Sangkan Hotel Kuningan.


September 26,2015

Membangun Tim yang sangat solid untuk mencapai kesuksesan, Semangat untuk Guru & Karyawan BPK PENABUR Plus Cirebon. yang sudah melakukan training.  Tuhan memberkati.



Friday, September 4, 2015 was a special day. We held a Family Day; the theme was “God Loves My Family”. This event was held every year, we invited the parents to come to school and join in the competitions and games provided by the committee. But, our activity on this year was different than usual because we held a sharing about “Anak Sehat Mencemaskan atau Menggemaskan?” hosted by Mr. Suwandi. He was a health consultant in PRODIA. Here, parents were given new knowledge about the ideal weight for children according to their age. Mr. Suwandi also gave some information to parents about the dangers of excessive weight in early age children. After activities with PRODIA finished,, taadaaaaaa … Our family Day started by the performance from TKK Plus students, started from K2, K1, PG and then PP students. Parents also entertained with funny and adorable performances of the students.

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