Family Day 2018 of TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon: “Family in Harmony”


Family Day 2018 of TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon: “Family in Harmony”

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Family Day 2018 of TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon: “Family in Harmony”

In this post-millenial era, it is not new to us to know about a household that does not only have a father who works for the family but also a mother. With this, a lot of parents nowadays are either busy with their jobs or with theirgadgets; hence, the time they spend with their children is lessened. These children of busy parents are usually entrusted to their nannies or to either of their grandparents.

In addition to this, sometimes, when parents come home tired, they cannot afford to spend some quality time with their children anymore. For children, spendingquality time with their parents gives them happiness, joy, laughter, and the affirmation that they are truly loved.

In order to create additional quality time for the parents and their children, TKK Plus BPK Penabur Cirebon organized afamily dayon Friday, 14 September 2018. The event was dubbed as “Family in Harmony.” Through the event, the school aimed: 1) to provide our busy parents and their children a great and fun time together at school; 2) to send a message, especially to parents, that knowing how to balance between family and work life must be one of their top priorities; and 3) to let the children know and feel that they are special and highly appreciated by their parents and teachers. 

The celebration began with a prayer, then it was shortly followed by the children and their parents’ band performances. Parents and childrenwere pre-divided into 6 groups.During each band performance, parents and kids alike sang and danced to their assigned songs.

After that, theyplayed a relayrace game. There were five stations in which parent players must accomplish the given task in each. The players in each group were passing on their group flag to the next players once they completed their game. The winning team was the group that was able to finish all the tasks first.

The first taskwas the ‘Clog’ game. Three parents from each group were wearingthe long clogs as they triedto go to the opposite side of the play area.Whenever they fell down, they would stand up again and kept on walking until they reach the finish line. Teamwork and body coordination were of essence in this task.

The second task was the ‘Shoot the Ball’ game.  In this game, the children needed to carefully pull the table cloth in order for them to put the ball in a hole. It required children’s patience and persistence for them to do this task.

For the third task, the parents needed to drink the water in their cups, then flip the cups. They found this game a little difficult as it was not easy to turn the cups upside down. They needed a lot of concentration and some luck to get it right.

In the fourth game, the children needed to pass on a ball to their friendsby using a spoon that they have in their mouths. Whenever the ball fell to the ground,  they would start again from the first player.

For the last game, players moved some peanuts from one plate to another plate using chopsticks. Then, once the player has finished this task, he/she needed to get the team flag, and hit the frying pan to signal that they have already finished doing all of the tasks.

Indeed, it was a fantastic day for everyone at TKK Plus! To be able to bring together families, and get them to enjoy fun activities were truly amazing! However, amidst the challenges of having a busy life that this new generation brings, we sincerely hope and pray that our children will grow up to become loving and caring people in their adult life.

Thankyou so much to our beloved parents and precious students for your activeparticipation on ourFamily Day 2018 at TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon! See you again in 2019!


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