Olympic Day 2018 of TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon
Olympic Day 2018 of TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon


Olympic Day 2018 of TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon

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Olympic Day 2018 of TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon

Kids nowadays prefer gadgets rather than have physical activities like sports, or socializing with their friends. There are a good and a bad side if our children use gadgets. The good side, there are a lot of entertaining contents for children, they can learn alphabets, numbers, colours etc. from gadgets. Eventhough gadgets have positive effects but being addicted to the gadgets have bad effect for children, on their health especially their eyes and can cause obesity. Based on that reason, we should enhance them to be more active physically rather than to use gadgets. On November 21st, 2018 TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon held sports event called Olympic Day. This event is held annually. The example of sports activities are racing, crawling, jumping. 
On this year, we separated the olympic in two major groups: K1-K2 class and PP (Pre Playgroup) - PG (Playgroup) class. For PP and PG students, they crawled on the mat, after that they had to walk on the beam by themselves and the last they had to move 3 balls from one bowl to another. The winner was the one who could finish the fastest the triathlon. We chose 3 winners from each class and they would goodie bag contained of a bottle and snack.
All students could finish the triathlon well, they could do it by themselves. When they almost fell down when they walked on the beam, they got up again and wanted to start all over. As a adult we can learn from them, even we fall down again and again we still have to fight and finish the journey. “Failure is only a step closer to success”
For K1-K2, they picked out the theme about the Journey of Jesus Christ’s birth. They had to walk on the several paths that had already set by the teachers. Then they had to crawl and put their hands and feet on the stickers teachers asked. Last, they had to jump following the ABC’s path. When they finished the journey they would get medal and mango juice. 

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