PP Presentation TKK PLUS PENABUR Cirebon


PP Presentation TKK PLUS PENABUR Cirebon

Keterangan Gambar :

Hello! “Good morning.       

I’m ...

These are some of the introductory words spoken by thePP students at the start of their  presentations. The theme chosen for the presentation was “Under the Sea.”The students wore sea creature costumes. There were turtles, starfish, sharks, octopus and crabs. They definitely lookedadorable in their costumes which were lovingly made by their teachers!

The kids’ supportive parents watched their performances. The event started with a song and  and dance item performed by the kids themselves.  Following this, the kidswent forward one by one to introduce themselves, and countedthree animals using the English language. The performances ended with a dance and was shortly followed with the students giving cards to their parents. The kids truly surprised their moms and dads not only with their performances, but also with the content of their cards! The message on the card says, “I love you Mom and Dad.”

Without a doubt, it was heartwarming and overwhelming to see how quickly our little, lovely and precious Playgroup students have grown! Indeed, time flies so fast! Inarguably, this event on the 26th of October 2018 which showcased their learning from July to October is a memory worth keeping and worth cherishing.






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