TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon Goes to Dusun Bambu


TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon Goes to Dusun Bambu

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TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon Goes to Dusun Bambu

Friday, November 2, 2018 was an interesting and exciting day for Kindergarten (K1 and K2) students. They were truly excited to go on a field trip atDusun Bambu Resort in Lembang. This trip wasespecially organized for the kids.

Almost all of K1 and K2 students joined this activity. The kids, parents and teachers had alreadygathered at the Preschool waiting area by 5.30 am. They brought everything that they needed for the trip.

The bus left the school at 6 am. Everyone reached the place after about three and half hours ride. There were three activities that the students took part in: playground fun, rabbit feeding and slime making in the Creativity Ship.

The students were divided into six groups. Each group consisted of five or six students, and was led and assisted by a designated teacher.To ensure safety, each activity area was facilitated and looked after by Dusun Bambu crew members.

After enjoying all of the activities, the kids had lunch at the cafeteria with their parents. Following this, theywere given an hour of free time for them toexplore the place by themselves, and spend some quality time together. Some of the kids continued playing at the playground while some others went horse riding.

At 2 pm, it was already time to say goodbye to Dusun Bambu. The kids went back to Cirebon with their hearts packed with happy memories with their dear moms, dads, grandparents, teachers and friends, and their minds filled with new learningexperiences! The bus arrived at schoolat around 6 pm. What an amazing trip it really was! See you on the next trip, kids!






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