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Open House TKK PLUS PENABUR Cirebon

TKK Plus Penabur held open house every year in order to introduce TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon to every parents who wants to give the best education for their child. This year, TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon together with SDK Plus Penabur Cirebon held open house on Saturday, October 27nd, 2018. The participants of our event invited to join “Little Explorer Activities” such as cooking class, music class, ballet class by Able Ballet Cirebon, Art and Craft Class, Story Telling Class, Farmer Time and Playtime. 
At first, Parents and children saw modern dance performance from SDK Plus Penabur’s students and traditional dance performance from TKK Plus Penabur’s students. Then, story telling about “Pulo Cinta” by SDK Plus Penabur’s students, and closed with science presentation by Brian- K2 students. 
TKK Plus Penabur Cirebon also collaborate with RS. Putera Bahagia held healthy toddler competition (12-36 months old), and healthy teeth competition (12-24 months old and 25-36 months old). Mikael Jonathan Koan was the winner of healthy teeth competition (12-24 months old) and healthy toddler competition (12-36 months old). The winner of healthy teeth competition (25-36 months old) was Clairine Chrystalia Hasan. 

Dear parents and children,,
Thankyou for your participation and see you on the next event!
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  • 3. Illona


    Illona was playing puzzle in the developmental check class and at the back, Winola was playing the doll. In the developmental check class, children was examined by observer to check if their development is not according to the developmental stage.

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